Introduction to the CBP Import Process

To help new and existing importers learn the process of importing goods and merchandise from foreign countries into the United States, CBP has developed an informational video that addresses the Import Process. The video addresses everything from examples of commercial goods to formal and informal entries, as well as categorization in the HTS and liquidation.

To view the video, head over to CBP’s video library here.

Other Resources

The Camelot Company

Freight and Logistics Glossary

Incoterms®? SWPM? Duty drawback? These are just a few of the acronyms or terms that importers must be aware of that impact them when shipping goods into the United States. For a list of some of the most commonly-used terms that are heard around the industry, click the link to check our glossary of terminology.

The Camelot Company

Calculators and Conversion Charts

While the United States operates on the Imperial system, the rest of the world is metric. Need help converting inches to millimeters? We've got a handy resource for that. Trying to calculate how much volume a shipment takes up and whether or not to go LCL or FCL is important for determining landed cost. Click the link for our useful container resource chart to compare container sizes and to determine the correct size container for your shipment. Remember, a 20' container doesn't cost half as much to ship as a 40' container - so it is important to choose wisely when ordering and calculating shipping costs.